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Effortless customer engagements are the future and social media is the preferred choice for customers to use for complaints, interacting, support, and the expression of opinions about your products and services. Many companies respond on social but they don’t take social customer service to the level of a highly profitable revenue generator.  That’s why there’s Rewire Digital.

Social Customer Service

Rising Customer Demand

63% of customers expect businesses to be on social and performing customer service via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Chat

Growing Customer Preference

More people now prefer social media for customer service over phone or email and 31% use social media for pre-sale inquiries

Rising Customer Expectations

Customers want to use social for inquiries, complaints, and suggestions. 42% expect a response within 60 minutes or less

What’s At Stake

Your customers’ lives have gone social and this is the future of customer service

Responding on social to customer complaints, questions, and inquires can increase revenue by 3X. Otherwise that is lost to competitors.

On average, 29% of all consumers will use their social media platforms to warn others and share details about a business’ or brand’s bad service.

Social customer service is the new marketing. The new competitive advantage. The new way to get insights into your customers needs.

Meet Rewire

Rewire Digital is a highly specialized digital agency. Our team does customer service via social media for businesses who are ready to embrace the new generation of the connected consumer. We help make customer service effortless for your potential and existing customers by using our own customer experience framework developed specifically for social care. In addition, we give you actionable insights and tools you can use for accelerated growth.

Customer Reach Out

1. Customers Reach Out

Existing and potential customers use Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram to complain, ask a question, make a purchase, or offer up a suggestion. They also turn to your website chat and/or leave a comment on Yelp, Amazon, etc.

2. We Respond Quickly

We respond on your behalf within one hour or less using a special framework developed specifically for doing social customer service. Think of us as your social call center, revenue generator, and competitive advantage.

Actionable Insights Tools

3. Actionable Insights

Based on our interactions with your customers, we will curate that data into actionable insights you can use to determine customer sentiment, top issues, improvements, and areas to address. You get your own dashboard with content suggestions and more.

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