Social Customer Service

Are You Getting Left Behind?

Large companies can support their customers on Social Media and people rave about it. They have bigger budgets, staff, and the ability to keep up with change. Here’s how you can do even better with less.

The rise of Social Customer Service

Frank, who works with digital marketing and social media, was noticing something happen. He was seeing that people were using Facebook, Twitter, and other messaging methods to ask product and service questions. He also did some research and found negative comments about his business. Ugh. He was so busy and overwhelmed already, but he tried his best to answer questions on social when he could.

Samantha, a customer who uses the products and services that Frank has been marketing, was one of those customers who reached out on social media. She hates using the phone. She hates emailing. She, like millions of others, turned right to social media to get some answers in real-time. Sadly, She fell on deaf ears, and told everyone immediately. Frank has no idea this is going on but learns later that it affects sales and reputation.

We see this situation every single day. Samantha will use social media channels to let everyone know when something isn’t right. She expects to get help immediately. And she can, with one single post, cause the reputation of a business to go down the toilet. Frank, however, is already busy and overwhelmed trying to keep up with the constant pace of change.

Social Customer Service (As A Service) gives you back control of the messaging, allows someone else to keep up with the pace of change, and gives you unprecedented insights into your customers needs, wants, and issues which you can turn around and use for digital marketing dominance.

There are so many missed opportunities each day because businesses are overwhelmed, trying to catch up (who isn’t?), or their plates are full. This is exactly why we do what we do because you get real humans that take care of the growing need to be there within 1 hour when a customer raises a question or issues a negative comment.

We deliver stellar social customer service and keep an eye on your brand for you

While all of this is happening, we are gathering data for you. And what do you do with it? Well, it’s a goldmine. You can use it for better, less costly marketing. You can create more targeted campaigns. You can feel more empowered. You can know your customers in ways you never thought possible.

Ok. You might be thinking, “I could never let someone else do support on social media”. Fair enough. But consider this: Some of the world’s most beloved and cherished brands trust outside teams to handle their social customer care every day (and night).

Social customer service is the future of how you will remain competitive

We would love to be a part of that future with you. In fact, this is all we do. You can either buy software packages, learn how to use them, and babysit them, or, you can let us take it off your plate.

So what happened to Frank? He decided to partner with us and try it out. He got us up to speed on his customers and products/services and then he was able to focus on his other work. A few days later, he received a message from Samantha who was ecstatic because the business responded so quickly and helped her out when she needed it the most. She returned the favor by telling her 5,000 followers on Facebook about the business.

Interested? Intrigued? Use the chat below to ask anything you want. Go ahead. There’s no bots. Alternatively, you can click the little button below to see¬†who we work with and when we will be accepting new clients.