Wix Website Design Questions

If you are wondering about Wix, websites, mobile, and what is involved with getting your new site up and running, here's a few common questions and answers.

What are the advantages of Wix?

I started out using Wordpress, then moved to other various "website builders" because the design was far less limiting. In each of these cases, especially with Wordpress, the issues were turning into a nightmare: hard to manage, security leaks, plugins that slowed things down and needed constant updates, limited freedom of design. 

With Wix, things are vastly different and this is coming from the perspective of somoene who uses it as a design tool. Here are the advantages, in my opinion, to using Wix for your website:

  • Securely hosted with built-in SSL certificates

  • No plugins that need constant updates (yes you can add apps but they do not have the same effect as Wordpress plugins on the speed and performance of the site)

  • Powerful marketing tools built into every plan (email, social, etc.)

  • Clean, fast, modern designs

  • SEO and Advanced SEO built in that gives you full control

  • Integrated e-commerce analytics

  • Fast page load speeds

  • Backend coding ability using Velo, for more complex website projects

  • Mobile responsive

  • Unique and nearly unlimited designs when designing from scratch

Choose a Wix partner to help you build your site and you'll get something that is unique, fast, mobile responsive, and built solid.

Why does Wix cost more than cheap hosting?

We get this question a lot. You can go find cheap website hosting for $5.99/month and even lower in some cases. But you look at a Wix plan and the cheapest is around $14/month on a yearly plan. $19 if monthly. What in the world do you get for that?

Quite simply, peace of mind and an extremely powerful set of marketing tools. So you can stop using Mailchimp, Hupspot, and many other tools that are costing you a lot more per month. You can also stop paying for SSL certificates and many other "add-ons" that cheaper hosting plans throw in.

On top of all that, your website is secure, hosted, and fast. You don't have to pay extra for this stuff. It has a team behind it doing all the work to ensure your website is up to the latest Google standards and won't go down.

The marketing tools alone are phenomenal. You can send email campaigns, post to social, and maintain a complete CRM. 

I added up my monthly costs from various vendors and found I was not just paying the $5.99/month for cheap hosting, but I has up to over $55/month with all of the other things I needed. Moving to Wix, I am actually saving money.

How long does a Wix website take to build?

I hate to say, "it depends" but I'm going to say it. That said, here are some typical and realistic timelines based on experience.

Plan for about 4 weeks for a pretty basic Wix website design. Most of the time, people do not realize how little content they have and how much time it takes to get all of it written and edited. Same with images. This is usually the longest part of any website design project.

We do all of our designs from scratch so you get something unique and that will typically add a little more time, but it's worth it. You don't want a site that everyone else has. 

So at a minimum, plan on 4 - 6 weeks and a little longer if it will have e-commerce. Also note that some of this time is taken up designing the mobile part of your site. Mobile is not magic, it needs to be designed properly so users have a good experience.