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Wix Website Designer in Denver

Beautifully Crafted Wix Websites That Help Your Business Grow.

If you need a website designer that focuses on modern, professional, and an exceptional user experience, then I'd love to help out. I am based in Denver, Colorado and craft Wix websites that are not only unique to your business but help your business grow.

Rewire Digital

If you need a new website design that helps your business grow, I can help. I have experience with marketing, business, UX/UI, and I work with you to come up with the perfect, effective website.

Need your website refreshed? Is it feeling stale? Old? Out of date? I can breathe new life into your existing website and give it a new, modern facelift that will help keep you relevant.

E-commerce websites are a special kind of site. They need a lot of care and attention so you can make more sales. I'll help with your store, products, images, copy, and getting it all setup and ready to go.

Website Design Services

Why Should You Consider Working With Rewire Digital?

Ever had a "web guy" disappear after your site was built? It's not fun. I stick around for the long-term. You can reach out anytime and I'll get back and offer some help, advice, or to work on another project together.


All of my reviews on Wix are from clients that wanted to give some praise. Each review reflects my values and my attention to the work I love to do.

5-Star Work

Unlike a costly agency with a lot of overhead, I work independently. This means you will get my full attention, work that I personally create, and when we agree on a budget, I stick to it without any surprises or extra fees.

Not An Agency

Feeling stuck? Not sure how to edit your site? Need some help? Feel free to reach out and I'll always respond and try to help. I usually respond within 24-hours and try to respond long before that.


We all have budgets. I realize this and try to work within your budget. I can't always do every single project but what I can do is stay within reason and over-deliver. Generally, you can expect to spend $500+ on most projects.


I have experience with marketing, user experience, customer success, business, and e-commerce. This means I can bring far more to the table that just simply "setting up a website".


Website Design Work

Here are a few samples of some recent websites that were created both from scratch and for a refreshed, and renewed redesign. For more samples, view the portfolio here.

Wix Website Designer in Denver
Wix Website Designer in Denver
Wix Website Designer in Denver
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