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Why Wix?

Why do I use Wix for website design?

I used Wordpress for years. That is until I was introduced to Wix. Oh, I know, it wasn't really impressive at first. But that's changed. Wix is now the only tool I use for professional websites, and especially e-commerce sites.

You can fight and hassle with Wordpress because it appears to be "free", but in actuality, it's not free at all and Wordpress is not a complete packaged solution. It's more costly in the long-run and a headache to deal with.

Wix website design

Wix is extremely easy to maintain without having to worry about security, plugins, updates, out of date "templates" and constant fees.

Easy To Maintain

Wix is secure. You do not have to worry about patching plugins, updating templates, and people stealing your information.


Wix has a complete marketing suite of tools built in. Forms, email marketing, SEO, booking, automations, and more. No having to buy separate tools.

Complete Suite

Wix now has an SEO first approach. This helps drive organic traffic, mobile designs that meet Google's tough standards, and a full suite of free SEO tools.

SEO First

Wix Features

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